Conspectus Revenue

Our next biggest goal with Conspectus is to start to grow revenue. Right now we have $0. How are we going to do that? Well, we have a plan.

1. We are going to “nail” a deadline (set a hard deadline). Starting from the 1st of September we will track Revenue instead of WAUs in Startup School. 

2. We will implement a bunch of paid features. Actually all features outside of our initial Remarks Sorting Scenario™ will be paid features.

I know that this business model is not perfect, but we have to start with something and this is the easiest way right now because it is already implemented.

3. We will do customer development to discover and prioritize features. The trickiest thing for us is to understand what people are really willing to buy. That's why we need to focus on revenue and features that actually grow it.

P. S. By the way, right now we have one paid feature and its Dark Theme, so you can buy Conspectus right now :-)


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