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Хороший сервис. Пример

Не грех спиздить:
As much as people dig on Amazon, I spend the extra couple bucks because UPS delivered me a clearly damaged package with a broken TV inside. I called Amazon and the following 60-second conversation ensued:

“Amazon Customer Service, how can I help you?”

“My TV showed up damaged.”

“Okay, I see it came late as well, my apologies for that. I've already ordered you a replacement and it will arrive the day after tomorrow. I've e-mailed you the return label. Simply place the old TV in the box the replacement comes in and affix the return label to it. We'll cover the return shipping and replacement item shipping costs. Can I help you with anything else today?”

“...I love you.”

Then Amazon, not you, goes after the seller/shipper/manufacturer for whatever issues arose and you enjoy your not-ruined item.
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