August 16th, 2019

Conspectus 1.7 released: headers are here 🎉

What's new

📝 Titles and headers are now available. Checkout new menu “Заголовок” in the toolbar. This feature is quite powerful. You can now implement different workflows using Conspectus:

— Different topics on a meeting. E. g. tasks for “Android” team, tasks for “iOS” team.

— One document project: add header for each iteration and have all tasks and decisions on one page. E. g. have general title “My Project” and dates for each iteration “August, 5”, “August, 12”, “August, 19”.

— Buglist with sections for bugs of different importance. E. g. “🔥 Critical”, “Moderate”, “Polishing”.

— Shopping list with different types of products. E. g. “Groceries”, “Household”, “Vegetables”.

For example, I've used it to make Conspectus pitch

ℹ️ “Делаем” title is hidden to give you more flexibility — you can now have a task list that you are not going to do ;-)

✍️ Summary title is now in note text.

⚙️ Big internal changes. We now use something that is called “operational transformations” to store notes. This is a step to a future collaborative work.

🤑 Headers work on the Premium account only. But In celebration of this launch price is lowered. Till next weekend one-year subscription costs just ₽100.

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* * *

Вышел Конспект 1.7. Главная фича — заголовки 🎉

Что нового

📝 Теперь в конспект можно добавить название или заголовок, см. пункт меню «Заголовок». Фича довольно мощная, с её помощью можно реализовать разные сценарии работы:

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